Recent Calls
Wed. Jul 10th 2019
Seneca Hose Engine 1, Truck 6, and Rescue 5 responded mutual aid to Vigilant this morning for the residential structure fire. Crews worked to extinguish and overhaul for approximately an hour before r...
Sat. May 4th 2019
Seneca Hose 5, 7-1, and our swift water rescue boat are currently still operating at an ongoing search and rescue in Zoar Valley. Crews from the West Seneca Water Rescue Team, as well as numerous othe...
Mon. Dec 24th 2018
Seneca Hose Engine 1, Engine 2, Chief 9, and Chief 9-1 ran this vehicle fire in the district this morning.(Photos provided from bystanders)
Thu. Sep 27th 2018
Seneca Hose firefighters were requested mutual aid to the Blasdell Fire Department this afternoon for the structure fire in an occupied multiple dwelling.Ladder 6 and Chief 9 responded and began perfo...
Sun. Sep 2nd 2018
Early this morning, the West Seneca Police Department notified Seneca Hose of an unconscious patient with a head injury under the Route 90 overpass to Cazenovia Creek.Upon arrival, Rescue 5’s cr...
Engine 1
2011 Spartan ERV Rescue Engine
- 750 Gallon Water Tank
- 1500 GPM Hale Pump
- Full compliment of HURST extrication tools

Engine 1 is first due to all vehicle fires and mutual aid fires.
Rescue 5
2014 Spartan ERV Walk-in Heavy Rescue
- 550 HP Cummins Diesel Engine
- 2 Man Cab With Walk in Rescue, Seating for 6 with MSA Air Packs
- Telescoping Light Tower
- Full Assortment of Hand Tools and Extinguishers
- Carbon Monoxide/Multi-Gas Detectors
- Electric Vent Fans
- 2 Hurst Simo Pumps with 4, 100' Preconnected Hydraulic Lines.
- Hurst Cutter, Spreader, and Combination Extrication Tool
- 6 Hurst Hydraulic Rams: Mini, Small, Large
- Paratech Rescue Struts
- Paratech High Pressure Lifting Bags
- Paratech Portable Air Cart
- Assortment or Air Powered Tools
- Various Different Sizes of Plastic Turtle Cribbing
- Full Toolbox with Assortment of Hand Tools
- Electric Sawzalls
- 2 Milwaukee Porta-Bands
- Husqvarna K-12 Rotary Saw
- Stihl Roof Cutting Chain Saw
- Full Assortment of Rope Rescue Equipment
- Monopod Rescue Kit
- Water Rescue Throw Bags
- Basic Spill Cleanup
- Speedy-Dry Hopper
- Basic Life Support Bag
- Trauma Bag

Rescue 5 is first due to all Motor Vehicle Accidents, Carbon Monoxide alarms, and rescue calls, as well as mutual aid rescue as requested. Rescue 5 is second out piece for EMS Calls.
Ladder 6
2007 American Lafrance/LTI 103' Midmount Ladder Tower
- 500 HP Detroit Diesel Series 60 Engine
- 103' Foot Midmount Tower Ladder
- 2000 GPM Hale Pump
- 300 Gallon Tank
- 8 Man Cab with MSA SCBA
- 500 Feet of 1 3/4' Inch Hose
- 500 Feet of 3' Inch Hose
- 500 Feet of 5' Inch Supply Hose
- 2 - 1000 GPM Deck Monitors Mounted in Tower Bucket
- 10 KW Diesel Generator with 2 - 200' Foot Cord Reels
- Full Assortment of Hand Tools and Extinguishers
- Electric Vent Fans
- Partner K-12 Rotary Saw
- Stihl Roof Cutting Chain Saw
- Salvage Tarps
- Large Area Search Rope Bag
- Assortment of Ropes and Rope Rescue Equipment
- Stokes Basket
- Basic Life Support Bag
- Knox Box Key

Truck 6 is our second due vehicle on all in district structure fires as well as mutual aid ladder truck as requested.
Engine 2
1994 Simon/Duplex - RD Murray
-1500 GPM Hale Pump
-1000 Gallon Water Tank

Engine 2 is first due to all in district structure and brush/rubbish fires.
Rescue 7-1
2005 Ford Excursion
- Basic Life Support First Response Vehicle
- AED Equipped

7-1 is first due to all EMS calls.
9, 9-1
2016 Chevy Suburban Chiefs Vehicles
Identical Chevy Tahoe First Response Vehicles each equipped with;
- NYS BLS Equipment
- Mobile Command Center
- Mobile Repeaters
2017 PistenBully
All Terrain Vehicle used for victim removal from snow or off road conditions.

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