Recent Calls
Fri. May 15th 2020
Seneca Hose was dispatched for the tractor trailer leaking diesel fuel on the 90 East over Buffalo Creek this afternoon. Upon arrival, Chief 9 found a heavily damaged jack-knifed tractor trailer with ...
Sun. Jan 19th 2020
Seneca Hose firefighters were dispatched to a reported working fire on Marlow Rd this afternoon. Upon arrival, Seneca Hose 9-1 found heavy smoke and fire showing from the 1-4 side of the residence. Se...
Wed. Oct 30th 2019
Last night, Ladder 6 responded mutual aid to Vigilant for the reported chimney fire. Luckily, the fire was minor and was contained with no damage.As a public safety reminder, if using a wood burning s...
Fri. Sep 20th 2019
The past 24 hours have been busy for your Seneca Hose firefighters. We have had 10 calls for service including 3 major incidents.The first being a mutual aid call with the Erie County Technical Rescue...
Wed. Jul 10th 2019
Seneca Hose Engine 1, Truck 6, and Rescue 5 responded mutual aid to Vigilant this morning for the residential structure fire. Crews worked to extinguish and overhaul for approximately an hour before r...
Engine 1
2011 Spartan ERV Rescue Engine
- 750 Gallon Water Tank
- 1500 GPM Hale Pump
- Full compliment of HURST extrication tools

Engine 1 is first due to all vehicle fires and mutual aid fires.
Engine 2
1994 Simon/Duplex - RD Murray
-1500 GPM Hale Pump
-1000 Gallon Water Tank

Engine 2 is first due to all in district structure and brush/rubbish fires.
Rescue 5
2014 Spartan ERV Walk-in Heavy Rescue
- 550 HP Cummins Diesel Engine
- 2 Man Cab With Walk in Rescue, Seating for 6 with MSA Air Packs
- Telescoping Light Tower
- Full Assortment of Hand Tools and Extinguishers
- Carbon Monoxide/Multi-Gas Detectors
- Electric Vent Fans
- 2 Hurst Simo Pumps with 4, 100' Preconnected Hydraulic Lines.
- Hurst Cutter, Spreader, and Combination Extrication Tool
- 6 Hurst Hydraulic Rams: Mini, Small, Large
- Paratech Rescue Struts
- Paratech High Pressure Lifting Bags
- Paratech Portable Air Cart
- Assortment or Air Powered Tools
- Various Different Sizes of Plastic Turtle Cribbing
- Full Toolbox with Assortment of Hand Tools
- Electric Sawzalls
- 2 Milwaukee Porta-Bands
- Husqvarna K-12 Rotary Saw
- Stihl Roof Cutting Chain Saw
- Full Assortment of Rope Rescue Equipment
- Monopod Rescue Kit
- Water Rescue Throw Bags
- Basic Spill Cleanup
- Speedy-Dry Hopper
- Basic Life Support Bag
- Trauma Bag

Rescue 5 is first due to all Motor Vehicle Accidents, Carbon Monoxide alarms, and rescue calls, as well as mutual aid rescue as requested. Rescue 5 is second out piece for EMS Calls.
Ladder 6
2007 American Lafrance/LTI 103' Midmount Ladder Tower
- 500 HP Detroit Diesel Series 60 Engine
- 103' Foot Midmount Tower Ladder
- 2000 GPM Hale Pump
- 300 Gallon Tank
- 8 Man Cab with MSA SCBA
- 500 Feet of 1 3/4' Inch Hose
- 500 Feet of 3' Inch Hose
- 500 Feet of 5' Inch Supply Hose
- 2 - 1000 GPM Deck Monitors Mounted in Tower Bucket
- 10 KW Diesel Generator with 2 - 200' Foot Cord Reels
- Full Assortment of Hand Tools and Extinguishers
- Electric Vent Fans
- Partner K-12 Rotary Saw
- Stihl Roof Cutting Chain Saw
- Salvage Tarps
- Large Area Search Rope Bag
- Assortment of Ropes and Rope Rescue Equipment
- Stokes Basket
- Basic Life Support Bag
- Knox Box Key

Truck 6 is our second due vehicle on all in district structure fires as well as mutual aid ladder truck as requested.
Rescue 7-1
2005 Ford Excursion
- Basic Life Support First Response Vehicle
- AED Equipped

7-1 is first due to all EMS calls.
9, 9-1
2016 Chevy Suburban Chiefs Vehicles
Identical Chevy Tahoe First Response Vehicles each equipped with;
- NYS BLS Equipment
- Mobile Command Center
- Mobile Repeaters
2017 PistenBully
All Terrain Vehicle used for victim removal from snow or off road conditions.

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